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Our mission and how we help.

How We Help

The mission of the Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund (GDMAF) is to enhance the lives of people with HIV/AIDS in the North Texas area by providing financial assistance for critical needs when resources are exhausted through other local organizations.

GDMAF has helped over 3000 people and raised over $500,000 since 1996 and continue to help increase the number of people we have helped each year..

GDMAF Process

GDMAF works solely through AIDS service organizations such as AIDS Arms, HSNT (Health Services of North Texas), the Resource Center of Dallas, AIN and Parkland. Case managers screen clients and submit applications for assistance on their behalf.

Each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis with assistance going to those with the greatest immediate need, funding permitted.

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Here is how GDMAF helps:

  • GDMAF paid rent for a person who was laid off from work and waiting for Social Security. He had exhausted his savings and his 401K and was facing eviction.
  • GDMAF paid for a refrigerator for a person to preserve their liquid medications when their appliance failed.
  • GDMAF supplied two oxygen tanks for a person who needed an emergency breathing apparatus.
  • GDMAF paid for the repairs of an air conditioner for a disabled person who needed to be able to store medications and cook in a cooler environment.
  • GDMAF covered the co-pay of a 14-year old girl who needed HIV medications.
  • GDMAF paid the lab work fees for a person who reached maximum Medicare coverage and had no other financial assistance.
  • GDMAF procured new furniture for a disabled person whose bed and sofa were infected with bedbugs and destroyed due to the infestation.
  • GDMAF made the car payment one month for a person who needed to get to the Doctor for regular visits.
  • GDMAF covered the monthly bus pass for a person with emergency transportation needs to get to the Doctor.

GDMAF is proud to help those in emergency situations with emergency needs. GDMAF has a 100% volunteer-based Board of Directors, which allows us to give 95% of all the funds we raise to people in need.

You can help GDMAF help those in need.

Your financial assistance is both needed and appreciated. Make a single or monthly donation.

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