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Join Team Metro as we raise money for LifeWalk.


Turtle Creek Park – Oct. 11, 2020. To celebrate 30 years of LifeWalk, we have set a goal to raise $30,000. Click here to join our team.

Most likely you are familiar with LifeWalk., the largest walk in North Texas to raise AIDS awareness and funds to help men, women and children in our area who are HIV+ or have AIDS..

The Walk is a 5K (3.2 miles) stroll through scenic Turtle Creek leaving from Turtle Creek Park at 1:00 pm on Sunday October 11th. GDMAF, Inc. is a partnering agency with LifeWalk and helps provide financial assistance for special need situations.

Remember……….IF NOT YOU.. WHO??

The dollars we’ve raised in the past are hard at work; changing the lives and health of individuals all over the North Texas community. But it’s not over yet. 25% of all new infections are age 13-24, and it is up to all of us to join together and help educate and stop the spread of this disease. With your help, we know we can see an AIDS-free generation. Thank you for the incredible things you are doing. You truly make all the difference and we cannot wait to see you at LifeWalk 2020!

Can’t make it to LifeWalk? Donations can be made via the same link above to help us reach our goal. Also, make sure to check our page for our fundraising events leading up to LifeWalk.

Click here to donate to the team

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