Vanity Storm wins Miss LifeWalk 2016

Vanity Storm wins Miss LifeWalk 2016

Congratulations to TEAM METRO’s Miss Vanity Storm – the 2016 Miss Lifewalk winner.  Thanks to all 3 entertainers – Linze Serrell (over $23,000) Vanity $13,000 and Rita Fines ($7200) and the Guys and Dolls event which raised a total of $52,000 for AIDS ARMS Lifewalk.

Miss LifeWalk was held on Sunday, July 24, 2016 in the Rose Room at S4 Nightclub.

A personal note from Vanity Storm:

Hello everyone, I just want to say how very honored I am to have been selected to represent LifeWalk as Miss LifeWalk 2016. Volunteerism and giving back have long been passions of mine. Helping others has given me so much and many times has pulled me out of some dark times. If we don’t help our own, how can we in good conscious expect others to help. I have said it before and I will say it again, to be a proud outstanding member of the LGBTQ, I feel you must contribute and help your family in some way. Over the next year, I will do all that I can to promote this incredibly important event and organization and to promote volunteerism within our community.
This year’s walk is on Sunday, October 9th. If you have not registered to walk, by either joining a team or walking as an individual, do it today! It’s easy and your effort is so rewarding. Here is the link and includes everything you need to know about LifeWalk and AIDS Arms.
I would like to say thank you to a few individuals and groups. Firstly, to the co-chairs of the Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund -Team Metro, David Hearn and Barry Robertson. I was so proud to be asked to represent the team. By asking me, they reignited a fire in me that had dimmed a bit. For that I am grateful. It reminded me again, how much I enjoy volunteering and raising money to help others. We were able to give back to the tune of over $12,000! David Hearn and his organization GDMAF are the epitome of what it means to help others. They step in help individual affected by HIV/AIDS when many other resources have been exhausted. Having friends who are affected by this horrible disease and with limited resources, I know first-hand how important their work is. If you would like more information about GDMAF here is a link.
I would also like the entire LifeWalk team and the AIDS Arms organization for creating this wonderful and unique event allowing entertainers to do what we do best, which is entertain and not just entertain, but entertain with a purpose. Thanks to all of you for the good work that you do!
I would also like say thank you to both Linze Serell and Rita Fine for contributing to all the work it took to raise over $52,000!! Yep that is what I said over $52,000!!! Linze and the Green Team alone raised a whapping $23,000, the largest amount to date from any competitor. We did not do it alone, so thank you to all the volunteers, patrons and friends for graciously donating money throughout the many fund raising events leading up to the Miss LifeWalk Pageant.
A package worthy of competition is not created solely by the competitor. Saying “it takes a village” could not be more true. I wanted to represent Team Metro with pride so I enlisted some of the best in the business to bring Vanity Storm and your new Miss LifeWalk 2016 to life. My Spirit of LifeWalk presentation costume was a collaboration between three very special talents, Onyx Anderson created the beautiful sequin gown andJohn Griffin Nova Starr and Braxton Davidson created the 3D LifeWalk logo, feather showgirl backpack and earrings. The big beautiful hair is byAshlei Iman. The evening gown was designed and crated by the masterful hands of Mr John David Martin. The complimenting jewelry is an original design by Dragon Lady Earring Company Bruce Ragsdale Horton and the hair that I got so many compliments on came to life through the skilled hands of Tena Marie. Finally, my talent costume inspired by Stevie Nicks was meticulously stoned by Samantha Steele. Samantha has also long created the face of Vanity, so if you think I am pretty or pretty ugly it’s her fault. Israel Luna put together the creative background video for my talent. I don’t know if the artisans that play such a pivotal role in any competitor’s success get the recognition they deserve. I want to make sure they do. Thank you all! I would personally recommend all of these individuals as professionals and creative geniuses’.
If I have forgotten anyone please know it was not intentional and I know I am now wearing this lovely crown because of all of you and your contribution. I don’t want to post all the same pictures you may have already seen but here are a couple. Forever thankful, Vanity


Vanity Storm - Miss LifeWalk 2016 

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